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The USA nation is dangerous for humans and the planet by their ideology and style of living, rapidly depleting the world’s ressources we all depend on and deceiving our human values more than any other nation, its people are moralists and imperialists. A real threat to our survival as a human civilization, both on the human and environmental levels !

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Dear friends,

At the occasion of the venue of the US president at the Davos World Economic Forum, I’ve the great honor to welcome you to my initiative to promote a world free from the USA influence. You’re welcome to take part to this endeavour !

NoUSA.org – No brain, no pain, no USA !
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More than half of the US households have less than 1500 USD in savings. Many of them have debts for all their life.
One third of the population is obese. Life expectency has there shortened since the 1990s.
More than half of the atmospheric pollution by CO2 is, historically, due to them.
They have killed millions of people in South America and they are the only ones to have dropped neglectely two atomic bombs on the heads of innocnet civilians.

Long live the american dream. Decay, indeed ! Putrefaction, treachery and imperialism at a world scale, indeed !
Decay of the planet and OUR human existence conditions, indeed ! Get us rid of the american influence, first of all of their ideology, it’s a matter of our SURVIVAL ! Once and for all.
The USA, un true danger to our survival. Choose the NoUSA.org Quality Seal.
For a peaceful world.


A swiss citizen